PC Help!

PC repair on site or remote access.

At home or on the job, computers are a large part of our life. I knew way back in 1978 that home computers were going to be popular. I studied computers and computer programming in college. Then I attended an electronics vocational school and learned about the electrical components inside the machines.

In 1981, I invented a car wash computer that would measure your car and turn on a machine to perform a premium service on demand.

Now I offer computer repair services.

Computer Repair

Remote Support

If you have access to the internet, this is the easiest way to fix most computer issues. Complete instructions are found on the Remote Support page.

Website Hosting Services

Websites are the advertising tool of today and tomorrow. I have been doing websites from almost the beginning. One of the main reasons in the past I have left a web host is cost and reliability. Every business needs to be on the net, so I have offered a lost cost reliable solution.

Host My Site Pro

Website Development and Design

With a hosting company, you need to develop a website that the average person can maintain. I started Web Dev Design | SEO to fill that need. Websites should not be beyond the normal persons ability. Just because computers are complicated, it doesn’t mean using them should be. And they should fit into your budget.

Websites for the the average person.

Web Dev Design | SEO

Digital Online Goals

This is my project for helping the average person learn what tools are needed to get their website build and noticed in the search engines. With the right tools the job is much easier. Most of the tools are free. Again my concern is budget.

Digital Online Goals