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  • Dixon Family Services
  • Northern California Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
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Android Apps

logo3ResQue Call

Program designed to help get you out of meetings. Simply preset the amount of time you want to spend in a meeting. At your preset time the app triggers a simulated phone call with caller id, allowing you to have an excuse to leave the meeting. You are able to enter the “callers name and phone #” so it looks like a call from an important person. You also have the option to “ignore” the call, which makes the “caller” call back in a few minutes to simulate the person is really trying hard to reach you. Or you can end the alerts, if you really want to remain in the meeting.





Program designed to remember where you parked your car, using the phones GPS. Simply set it after you park your car and when you need to find your car a button press loads a map from where you currently are to your cars location.

Also has a parking meter timer and calculator. For parking meters set the amount of time left on the meter and you will get a reminder that the meter is about to expire. If you are parking in a parking garage, you can enter the parking fees so you can know how much the parking fees are at any given moment.



Windows Apps



Email note taking program.

Program that allows to you select text in a document or from a webpage, then with a hot key call your default email client with an email addressed to your preset address. The email contains the text you selected with subject line attached. Simply send the message, when you are ready. As long as the email is open you can continue to add selections to the email message body.



Exercise Timer

Customize your exercise workouts.

Allows you to set up a tabata exercise schedule. Set your workout time, rest period and the alerts of your choosing. Trigger the start button and the timer keeps track of your progress.


exerciseTimer-settings exerciseTimer